Florida In Photographs – 2017

Hello interneters!

I’m signing in today on the wifi of my boyfriend’s aunt who lives in Southern Orlando.

Yeah, I’m in Florida.

Beside me is that boyfriend, on his phone, as usual at this time of day. We came down from Minneapolis to go to his aunt’s wedding, and now we are relaxing on her screened-in porch.

I have photos to share of my trip. Although it’s not everything I’ve done here, it’s more than enough to showcase my time in Florida. Even if I had pictures of everything I’ve seen, somethings are better left in memories rather than in photographs, you know?

Anyway, here’s the photographs I did take. I’ll leave a little caption beneath each picture to explain where I took them and what they are of. (I’ve never photo journaled so the could be interesting…)

Have a look and enjoy,

– Tony

This street sign is right next to Cocoa beach, which converted me into a lobster yesterday. I thought it was aesthetically pleasing, so I had to capture the moment.
I know this one is a little blurry, but I like it. I took this on the ride back to my boyfriend’s aunt’s house. Words in the picture are from Lorde’s latest song “Liability”.
There I am, in my purple shirt and zip-on tie. (I know, just another gay millennial who can’t even tie a tie.)
This was taken the night of the wedding in a hidden venue right off of one of Orlando’s busiest streets. I had no idea the place existed till the wedding. This one is probably my favorite picture so far.
Another shot from that venue. It’s truly beautiful place, so beautiful in fact that it is where many celebrities go while in town to escape paparazzi. I felt like royalty while there.
Skyline shot from Blue Spring State Park. If you like nature and cheap entertainment, try this park. Just 40 minutes out of Orlando. it’s only $6 per vehicle and a great location for nature fanatics.
This was taken on the walkway to the swimming area at the park. The person in the shot is my boy, Ty, who also looks like a lobster at the moment.
One shot of the swimming area at the park. The water was extremely clear.
Another shot of the park. I didn’t take more pictures in the water because I knew I’d drop my phone, and because somethings are better left not photographed. Regardless, take my word, it was gorgeous.

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