An Update For The Non-Digital / 3.15.17 /

Hello interneters!

I have a entry from my physical journal to share today! It sums up the night I had last night, which consisted of Ty, my best friend Marga, and myself going to the capitol in St. Paul and then a old-fashioned 50’s diner a few blocks away. Although both the capitol and the diner was fun, we had the most fun while on the light rail to and from our stops.

Below is the scan for my latest entry!

P.S. – I bolded the ‘ol’ in capitol because Marga looked up the difference between ‘capital’ and ‘capitol’ and the definitions are slightly different, and can be summed up with the following trick:

CapitOL = One Location (Example: The Capitol Building was pretty.)

CapitAL = ALl other definitions (Examples: The Capitol Building was in the Capital city of St. Paul. / The company’s capital was impressive. / Use CAPITAL letters.)

Alright, enough pneumonic devices. (Also the wordpress blog I included a link to in the bottom of the journal doesn’t exist…) Sad! #JustTrumpThings

Anyway, here’s my journal entry, as promised.

Till next time,




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