Angsty Albums and Future Anthems / 21.02.17 /

(picture credit to iTunes, I do not own it.)

Hello interneters.

This post today is going to be a quick one, as I have to leave for class in a few minutes. I just felt the need to express my excitement for the upcoming return of one of my favorite artists, Lorde.

Yes, the one singer that was comedically on a South Park episode portrayed as a man. Her music is beautiful and timeless. And she’s finally coming back.

I just went on twitter occasionally and looked up her name to see a thread of tweets that mentioned something about her record label releasing new music by her on March 7th. If this is true, I might hyperventilate.

Until that decisive day, I will sit atop the rooftops of my city’s parking garages, listening to her first incredible album Pure Heroine, singing along to the songs that defined so many years of my life, along with my book, You’re The Only Friend I Need, of which I am posting a chapter of each week on this blog.

Anyway, I’m off to class. Till next time,



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