First 5 Free Verse Poems

You can never go wrong with poetry. The more, the merrier. Here’s five more poems, courtesy of my actual journal…

Free Verse #1 – Fumes

I read it like a book,
That flick to a flame.
Sheltered by your hand,
To burn the paper.

But you don’t care for the paper,
Or the risk you take,
When it touched your lips.

You inhaled your liberation.

But then you exhale your freedom,
Because you have to.
And I have to ask you,
“How did the liberation taste?”

You’ll answer, ‘It was great.’
Or something like that.

I’ll respond with another question,
“Then why did you have to exhale?”

Free Verse #2

The old man stood before me,
Crying gently
And I asked him why he cried.
He looked at me,
Spoke of nothing,
And continued his sorrow.

“What’s wrong?” I repeated,
And he finally began.
“Don’t worry about me,
Don’t follow my path.”
And in the least hostile way,
The man turned away.
And I felt I’d regret to watch him go.

“Sir, don’t cry. Everything will be okay,”
I followed him, and he sensed it.
“Stop, boy.” He turned again.
“I am fool but my years must prove me wise,”
“And my only regret is fearing regret itself.”

Free Verse #3

Don’t reply with a silence.
More sinister than death.
It’s hard to speak your mind.
When you’re holding your breath.

You didn’t have to do what you did,
So I must do what I must.
You have spoken your mind,
You should know there’s a cost.

And the cost isn’t bad.

Free Verse #4

Footprints in the sand formed on their own.
Starting from where I stood.
Slowly forming, they continued closer to the water.
And left me here alone.

What was forming the steps, I may never know.
And, of course, this should’ve frightened me.
However fearless, I stepped towards the path.
Many steps, following the prints.

They lead me to the shore,
With seashells paved down for me.
Maybe so my feet wouldn’t stumble.
One print stopped halfway, and I heard glass break.
I looked down to see a broken bottle.
And inside the broken bottle was a note.

Free Verse #5

Crossing cliffs,
Passing on a string.
Temptation effects your path.

Should you stay on your side?
Safety assured?
Or venture to what could be?

A side of bliss,
A side of chance,
A side of what you want,

Will you take the chance?
Will you accept the bliss?
Or will you confine to the safety?



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