A Review of the Non-Digital. / 19.02.17 /

Greetings, interneters:

Today I discovered (thanks to some friends) that the computer lab in my residence hall has a scanner, and therefore I am able to share my non-digital journal entries with you through pictures of my entries. (Including the featured image you saw before you clicked this post!)

Attached below is one from earlier today. Please understand that I cannot share ALL pages, so I have to be selective, and that these photos are my property and my property alone.

And if you are wondering, yes, that is my handwriting. I love cursive. However, the included note found on the Washington Ave. Bridge is not my handwriting, but rather an anonymous person’s. Their quote made me happy so I included it in my entry.

Plan to see more non-digital entries in the future, as I produce a lot of them!

Till next time,


February 19, 2017

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